A Whole New Venture

I’ve always been a knitter . . . 

I created my first project – a rather lumpy scarf at age 8 – and never looked back, eventually learning to spin and weave once my children were grown and I had more time to play. Dyeing yarn to reflect the colors I saw all around me a natural next step as I wanted to enjoy them while knitting and weaving. 

Iyanough Farm has been my home for almost thirty years. Located on the north side of Cape Cod facing Cape Cod Bay, close to the ocean and marshes, we raised our kids here and live our lives surrounded by nature and the bounty the Cape gives us all year round.

Growing up on Cape Cod was magical. So much time was spent outside all year long – a time of endless summer days, swimming in the ponds and the ocean, riding bikes with friends, collecting shells, digging for clams, and making forts in the woods. 

Fall meant jumping into piles of leaves, helping dad with the brush pile, gathering the last beach plums for jelly, and putting on those tight new loafers to go back to school after an entire summer of going barefoot. What agony!

Winters were for sledding and skating on the ponds and cranberry bogs, and along twisting frozen brooks through the scrub and marsh, a fairyland of ice and snow. And when the days turned to sleet and gale-force winds, we curled up with a good book or learned to knit in front of the fire. 

And when the winter loosed its grip, we began foraging in the woods, checking out the newest stands of Lady Slippers, looking for mayflowers, and finding hidden hideouts under leafing branches. 

Finding ways to translate the beauty of my home into fiber has become Cape Cod Fiber Works @ Iyanough Farm –  It’s my way of sharing Cape Cod with you.